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Friday, May 8, 2009

I Love Books

When Mommy was pregnant, she read to me every night. She had read an article that said that babies who heard the same books in the womb would be comforted by hearing them after being born, recognizing the rhythm and cadence of the familiar words. Although some people laughed at Mommy, when I was about ten weeks old, she and Daddy both noticed something peculiar.

I like books.

No, wait! I love books!

When I woke up in the morning, Mommy and Daddy would read my "Good Morning, Good Night" book, and I would stare in wonder. Then, Mommy found "The Belly Button Book," which I also found fascinating.

My love of books has grown through the months. I have all sorts of favorites. Reading calms me down and I like to point at things when Mommy and Daddy ask where they are. Reading together is something that we do before every nap and bedtime. Mommy also has books in my diaper bag for if I get grumpy while we are out. I am glad that there are always books around, especially at scary places, like the doctor.

One day, Mommy took me to the most wonderful place called a bookstore. It has a lot of books, even more than I have at home!

I was pretty excited about all of these books. . .

I decided that I loved books so much that I must kiss one. . .

I do love books!

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