Emma's Birthday

Friday, January 23, 2009

My New Digs

If you have ever been to our house (or if you went to one of Mommy's THREE showers), then you know that I have a lot of things. Since I have been born, the piles of things keep getting bigger, especially my stash of toys!

Mommy and Daddy did not know what to do with all of my toys, so they decided to turn part of the living room into my new play area. I LOVE IT. It so nice and bright in there and Mommy can keep an eye on me while she makes dinner.

Even Rocky likes it!

So, here is a picture of me hanging out in my new play area. Do you want to come and play with me?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Five Months Ago

Dearest Will,

Five months ago, my world changed forever. I held you for the first time and became a mother. And not just any mother, but your mother.

I counted your ten little fingers and ten little toes. I thanked God that all of you was absolutely perfect and healthy. I touched your soft baby cheek and peered into your inky eyes and I felt as if I was looking into a part of my heart.

Staring at you would become my new favorite pasttime. Even now, five months later, I can spend the better part of an afternoon, just watching you sleep. And we all know how much I love taking your picture so that I will always be able to remember just what you looked like.

I had always dreamed about being a mom and what it might be like. I thought that I knew how to be a mother because I've always been good around babies.

I had no idea.

I had no idea how much I could love you, that my heart would literally hurt from loving you this way.

I had no idea how terrified I would become that I would cause you harm in some way.

I had no idea how focused I could become on keeping you safe and happy.

I had no idea how much being a mom would change me.

I had no idea.

Five months ago, they placed you in my arms for the very first time and I became a mother and changed forever.

Thank you.

Love always,

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Work Hard For the Money

Mommy and I like to go visit Daddy at work sometimes. I've been a big hit there since my first visit. . . when I was only eight days old!

Everyone loved holding me for the first time!

Now that I am a BIG boy, I don't get to go there just for hugs anymore (although I do still get plenty of those, too)! Now, they put me to work!

I am glad that I get to help Daddy. Let me know when you need me again, Dad!

Monday, January 12, 2009

On Solid Ground

Mommy and Daddy started me on something called "solids" on New Year's Day. I am a fan.

So far, I have tried rice cereal and peas. I much prefer the peas and ate almost a whole container of them! Next will be green beans, then squash, then sweet potatoes, and then. . . fruits! Mommy tells me that fruits are sweeter, so I am looking forward to that.

Pretty much everyone has fed me so far, including my Grandma Jane . . .

. . . and my Grandma Jan. . .

Rocky and Jack are waiting patiently for the day when I start feeding myself. . . and throwing my food. Soon, my puppies, soon.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Will's Night Out

Between my nap schedule, wanting to be held at meals, and just the general fun chaos that I bring to their lives, Mommy and Daddy had not been out to eat in a restaurant since before I was born. I guess this is something that they used to do quite a bit. They decided it was time that we go out to dinner as a family.

So, last week, we went to a place called Red Robin. I was a big fan. I didn't shed one tear, even when Mommy and Daddy had a milkshake and didn't share . . . not even when I reminded them that I drink milk all of the time! Apparently, they aren't quite the same thing.

I got a blue balloon and also got to listen to some very noisy people clap their hands and sing "Happy Birthday" at the next table. Mommy thought I would cry because they were so loud. I guess she forgets what a big boy I am! I just watched with big eyes!

Mommy says that going out to dinner is a special treat, but I hope we get to do it again really soon!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Christmas

Well, the holidays are over. I am kind of sad, but Mommy says not to worry, because they come every year. I am happy to hear about that, because I have decided that Christmas is a very wonderful thing!

First off, it means getting to spend extra time with Daddy, because he doesn't have to work on Christmas.
It also means getting to spend more time with my family. This year, we stayed at Grandma Jan and Nana Evelyn's house for the first time. Grandma was very happy to spend time with me.

Of course, I can't leave out that Christmas also seems to mean a lot of new toys. I got a bunch!

But I'd trade them all for more hugs from my Nana. . .

Mommy said that this Christmas was very special. First off, because it was a White Christmas, which doesn't happen very often. She took this picture to show me and te snow at the same time. I think it looks like I am showing off my muscles!

But she said that what really made this Christmas the most special is the fact that I am here. She said that I am the very best gift ever!