Emma's Birthday

Monday, December 22, 2008

First Snow!

This has been a very exciting week! My first snow came. . . and came. . . and came. . . and hasn't really stopped coming yet!

It has been very fun having my first snow. Mommy said that this might be the most snow that I ever see, and that I should at least get outside in it. Don't worry, Grandmas, she got me dressed up very warm to go outside.

She bundled me up in my Pooh Bear suit.

I was excited to get outside!

When we got outside, Mommy covered me in blankets. It's hard to see me in all of those blankets, but I am there, I promise!

See, there I am!

I really liked being outside. It very very pretty and I was very warm and toasty in my Pooh Suit and blanket nest. . . So warm and snuggly that I fell asleep about five minutes into the walk!

It was fun being outside and I am glad that we got out when we could, because the snow keeps falling and now it's too deep for even my jogging stroller!

Mommy, Daddy, the dogs, the cat, and I are all safe and snug inside our toasty house. We hope you are staying safe in this wintry weather!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Four Months?

Dearest Will,

Happy Four Month Birthday, Little Boy! It seems impossible to believe that you are getting so big already. It makes Mommy sad and happy all at the same time. I am sad because your time as a baby is going by so quickly, but I am happy because you are growing so big and strong, which is exactly what you are supposed to do.

Being your mommy is the best thing in the world, Monkey. I have dreamed of being a mommy since I was a little girl. Sometimes, the things that we dream about aren't as good in real life as they are in our fantasies, but this is not the case. There are so many things that I love about being your mommy and I can only name a few of the millions, but here are some of the things that I love most.

I love that each morning, when I come into your room, you greet me with the biggest smile.

I love that you enjoy reading books together. It cracks me up when you are fussing and I get a book out and you stop crying immediately and sit with rapt attention while I read.

I love our moments in the middle of the night, which are already getting fewer and farther between.

I love when I rock you right before a nap and your little body starts to melt into mine.

I love when you give me special Will-kisses and how you laugh when I give you kisses back.

I love how you have just discovered your little feet and are so fascinated with your toes.

I love how each day, you learn something new. Seeing the world through your eyes makes it more beautiful.

As I said before, there is no way for me to even begin to write about all of the things that I love about being your mommy. But there is one thing that I love above all else: I love you. I love the little person that you are becoming and I can't wait to see how you continue to grow.

Love always and forever,


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Boy Chair

Last weekend, Daddy got a big box out of the garage. While I took my afternoon nap, he put together a special chair just for me.

Now I get to sit at the table with Mommy and Daddy while they eat dinner - and Mommy gets to eat without spilling food on my head!

The first night, I wasn't sure what to think and only sat in the chair for a few minutes before I started to fuss. Mommy didn't want me to be scared of the chair, so she took me out right away. The next night, I stayed in the chair a little longer and decided to play with some of the toys on my tray.

The third night, I sat in my chair the whole time that they ate dinner. I snacked on my hand. Mommy promises that soon I will be eating in the chair, too. They better hurry, because this hand is not going to satisfy me for long!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Wrap Up

I just got back from a few days with my Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jane. I also got to see my Uncle Robert, Aunt Amanda, and Uncle Doug. Oh, and all of the dogs, too! It meant a lot of new faces to see, arms to hug me, and doggie noses sniffing at me, but I liked all of the attention.

It seems to me that this Thanksgiving business is all about one thing: eating. Boy, did my parents do a lot of that! Mom kept promising me some of that real food next year, which only seems fair, as I had to watch them eat meal after meal and then be happy with a breast or bottle!

All I have to say is that next year, breast milk is not gonna cut it! Bring on the mashed potatoes, turkey, and pumpkin pie!

Some weekend highlights. . .

Uncle Robert was really nice about keeping my star making noises and lights. Thanks, Uncle Robert!

I got to spend some quality time with Uncle Doug. He kept mentioning something called "football."
Aunt Amanda loves to read to me. . . and I love my Belly Button Book!