Emma's Birthday

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The "Kitty" Scan

Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to another doctor's office. This time it was for something called a "cat" scan. I looked very hard, but I did not see a kitty. I also did not see a clock, but I kept telling everyone that I did.

Mommy read me a story while we waited and then a lady came and called my name. Mommy stayed in the waiting room, but Daddy went with me. We went into this room with a big circle. Daddy said it was a clock, but I think he might have been wrong. Clocks do not look like this.

A strange lady came and took me from Daddy. I did not like that one bit. Mommy could hear me screaming all the way in the waiting room.

I have a new trick now, I just don't cry. I cry Mama! Or I cry Daddy! Usually this works, but today it didn't. I still was strapped down and put in this scary hole that made noise and had lights. Daddy did keep his hand on my chin, but I wanted him to hug me.

Daddy said that when I cried it wasn't too bad, but when I switched to a scared voice and just said, "Daddy, Daddy, please, please." It made him really sad. But it was just a quick test and then we came back out to Mommy in the waiting room. She gave me some milk and we went home.

We will have the results in a few days and then another doctor's appointment to hear what's going to happen with my adenoids.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mommy wanted me to post an update to let you all know that the results of my x-rays came back today. The doctor called and told Mommy that the x-rays were rather blurry - that will teach them to strap me to a chair and take my Mommy away! Despite the poor quality, they could still tell that my adenoids are enlarged. Thanks, Daddy, guess I got those from you!

So, the next step is to have another test done. It's called a CT-Scan and will take place at a different doctor's office. Then, I have to go see a pediatric ear, nose, and throat doctor. Mommy knew him when she worked for Johnson & Johnson and she has promised me he is very nice. I will be the judge of that!

It is not recommended that little kids like me, who are under 2, have their adenoids out unless it is causing a lot of problems. I think that me not being able to eat my cookies because my nose is all stuffed is a lot of problems! But I don't want this thing called "surgery," either, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what the doctor says.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had a big day yesterday. Mommy took me to see a pediatric allergist so that they could find out why I am losing weight and always stuffy.

The allergist looked in all of my parts - she looked in all of Elmo's parts, too, because I wasn't too sure about the light she wanted to stick in my nose. She asked Mommy all sorts of questions and then she asked me questions, too, because she wanted to hear if my voice sounded nasally. I also got to eat a snack so she could see how I breathe when I eat (not well, the doctor noticed, which might be why I am not eating much lately).

After all of that, a different lady came in and took a marker and marked on my arms. I was starting to get a little suspicious. . . and it turns out I was right to be worried. She took these strange sticks and poked me! Fourteen times! Mommy just sat there and let her do it! I didn't cry, but I gave them both a look.

Then, Mommy and I got to play with more toys until the timer went off and the lady and doctor came back. They looked at my arms and. . . no allergies! Yay, we can keep the puppies and kitty! And I can keep eating my beloved cheese and milk!

The doctor told Mommy that she thinks I have problems with my adenoids. Daddy had problems with his, too, and it can be hereditary. So she sent Mommy and me down to the x-ray lab.

Things hadn't been too bad at this doctor's office until then, but that is when things got really scary. They strapped me into this chair while Mommy held me and then. . . Mommy went away. She left the room while this strange man held against this white board. And they took pictures while I screamed. No one seemed to care that I was very scared and screaming. I was not happy. Mommy came back (she was even crying a bit, proof that I was right to be scared about something) and took me off the chair and gave me a drink of juice and then the man gave me a sticker with a fish on it. I still had the hiccups from crying so hard, so Mommy and the man were very surprised when I said thank you for my sticker without even being asked. Mommy put it on my shirt and we finally got to go home.

I didn't really enjoy the x-ray part but I did like the fact that I got a sticker. And I am not allergic to anything. Although I have heard rumors that I have to go to another doctor to talk about my xrays. Mommy better not leave again. I did not like that.

Oh, and because I was such a good boy, I got to have cookies for dessert tonight. I like to lick the cream out of my cookies and dip them in milk. . . just like Daddy!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out and About With "Aya"

I have a friend. Her name is "Aya." Well, her real name is Ava, but that's not how I say it. I say it really, really loudly: "AYA!" Just like that.

I love my Aya.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Love Of Cinnamon Totes

Will has always liked food, but as a toddler, his appetite has gone a little more finicky. No longer can I give him the same banana, waffle, sausage every morning. He likes variety now.
One of his favorite meals, sure to gain a big smile, is cinnamon toast. He used to ask for a "wawa" (waffle) when he first got out of bed in the morning. Now, he asks for "totes."

Here is he with his cinnamon "totes."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monkeying Around

Will was (what else, of course?!) a monkey for Halloween!

We had a wonderful time on the big day! We went to the mall for their indoor trick-or-treating (since it was pouring buckets outside). Will was quite intrigued.

"You mean, there's candy?"

"Look, Daddy, over there! More free candy!"

"Ava, which way should we go?"

"Stop making me pose for pictures and let's get this candy thing going!"

"Ah, finally. CANDY. Put it right here in my Elmo bucket, thankyouverymuch. "

Will even learned to say "Trick Or Treat" - though it sounded more like Tee oh Tee - oh, and he didn't learn it until the day after Halloween!

After trick or treating, we went out to dinner with Mike, Courtney, and Ava. We went to a BBQ restaurant and the kiddos really enjoyed their dinner - and by the amount of BBQ sauce on our face and hands, the moms and dads liked it, too.

But Will's favorite part of Halloween had to be answering the door for the trick or treaters at home. He would come running to answer the door and we let him hand out the candy. Here he comes!
He then wanted our new "friends" to come on in and explore his playroom. You could see the confusion on his face as he would walk out on the porch, wondering why our visitors weren't coming to stay and play.
I am pretty sure Halloween was a huge hit for our little Monkey! I do know that he slept great that night. He was tired after all the running and playing.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Tour '09

My mommy LOVES pumpkin patches. I love them, too. This year, I went to the patch THREE times.

The first time was with Mommy and Daddy. I got to see pumpkins and a really loud turkey.

I had my picture taken in front of this sign last year. . .

See how much I have grown?!?!

Next was a trip with Courtney and Ava. We saw more animals, which I was pretty excited about!

I quacked at the ducks!

Mommy tried to make me take a picture with the pumpkins. She can make me sit with them, but she cannot make me smile.

Finally, we went to a different patch with Cody and Cheryl. I got to wear my giraffe costume.

And see a goat.
And a plane!
I love pumpkin patches!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Year Tomorrow

My Dearest Baby Will,

On the eve of your first birthday, there is so much that I want to say to you.

Looking back over the course of the past year, it amazes me to see how much you have changed. From that tiny little baby that was first placed in my arms, to the squirming toddler that now barely sits still in them, you have grown into such a little person. And though there have definitely been challenging moments of sleepless nights, first tantrums, and occasions when I feared I was failing you, I have loved every single second of you.

Each stage of your life so far has brought us so much joy. When you were a newborn, and nestled so sweetly in my arms, I thought, "It can't get better than this."

And then it did.

When you were six weeks old and gave me your first smile, I thought, "It can't get better than this."

And then it did.

When you were three months old and started laughing your deep, baby laughs, I thought, "It can't get better than this."

And then it did.

When you were six months old and started eating solids with great zeal and taking two naps a day, I thought, "It can't get better than this."

And then it did.

When you were nine months old and saying Dada and smiling your outrageous toothy grin, I thought, "It can't get better than this."

And then it did.

Now, I cannot imagine that life with you could be any better or any sweeter. You fill each day of my life with your smiles and laughter, each moment of my life with greater meaning than I ever thought possible. I am so proud of the little boy you are becoming. You have the biggest heart, the sweetest little soul, and the kindest spirit. Yet you have determination, know what you want, and aren't afraid to let us know about it!

I know so many things will change. I am wistful to leave behind your babyhood and yet so excited to see you continue to grow into a toddler. There are so many wonderful things in store for us as a family and for you. I really don't think it can get any better than this.

But I know it will.

Happy, Happy Birthday, my Little Monkey. May all your dreams come true.

Love always,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photo Session

We were fortunate enough to have Will's one year photo session taken by a generous friend. Thanks, Kerry!

If you want to view more pictures, here is a link!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cody Bear

I also have a friend named Cody. He comes to play at my house a lot.
We have a lot of fun playing with all of my toys together! I go to play at his house a lot, too! He has really neat toys, especially his water table!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Me N' Ava

I have a friend named Ava. Only trouble is, she is a girl. But that's okay. She is still a lot of fun.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Are Family

Today we went to a family reunion. I got to see my Grandma Jan, my Nana Evelyn, and a lot of other family. It was a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday, America!

Today was the 4th of July. As usual, Mommy put me in a holiday outfit. At least this time, I wasn't alone. Mommy and Daddy wore their special t-shirts, too!
We had a lot of friends over for a BBQ and to light things called sparklers. Mommy tried to put me to bed, and I did fall asleep, but then these really loud booming noises woke me up. Mommy and Daddy decided that since it was a holiday, I could stay up late. They bundled me up in my monkey blanket and took me outside so I could see that the booming noises weren't at all scary. I was still a little unsure, so Daddy kept me close.

I still am not sure that I like fireworks, but I do like getting to stay up late with my parents!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Mommy told me that today is a day to recognize you for all of the wonderful things you do as my Daddy. I am so glad that you are my Daddy and that we get to spend all sorts of fun time together. I love it when you give me my night time bottle and read me stories. I love when you give me big hugs and play flying baby with me. I feel very lucky to have such a big, strong, amazing Daddy that works very hard for our family.

I love you, Daddy!


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Even Believe. . .

Dearest Will,

Welcome to the double digits, Little Monkey. You are ten months old today.

I simply cannot believe how much joy you have brought into our lives. There are no words to fully describe the happiness that you bring us each and every day.

You have learned so much this past month. First and foremost, we have had to make some changes around the house to accommodate your newest skill - crawling! You don't stay still for long anymore, and power cords and fans are the latest object of your desires. We had to baby proof all of the electrical outlets and are having to move everything else up off of the floor. You are this close to pulling yourself up on your own and you can pull into a sitting position all by yourself. We find you sitting up in your crib most mornings, reaching out to us, ready to start the day.

You still love to eat. You discovered noodles this month, as well as french toast, fresh blueberries, cantaloupe, chicken sticks, chicken salad sandwiches, and. . . your new favorite. . . french fries. You had your first fry on my birthday. And then your second, third, and fourth. You have also found out that soy yogurt and soy milk are good replacements for the real thing (you might even prefer the soy milk), but we are still looking for a tasty "cheese."

You are talking up a storm. Most of what you tell us is really hard to understand, but you do have a few words which are quite intelligible. In addition to "Dada", you also say "Quack", "Caw-Caw" (kind of like quack, but a different bird noise), and "Kitty" on a regular basis. You said "Jack!" a couple of times this month and also "Ava" once. "Mama" still eludes you but we'll keep trying.

You sprouted five top teeth these past two weeks, but even with swollen, red gums, you still are sleeping like a champ. You are going nearly 12 hours straight every night and still take two good naps during the day. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for all of this sleep! You do like to get up pretty early and sometimes if you haven't had enough Daddy time, you will fight going to sleep at night, but it's still hard to complain.

You spent a whole weekend with Grandma Jan and Nana this month, too. Mommy had a harder time than you did with the separation! You ate and slept like a champ for your grandmas, too!

Every day, your Daddy and I just marvel at what a miracle you are. You are one of the smiliest, happiest babies we have ever known. People comment on your sunny disposition everywhere we go and we never tire of hearing how wonderful you are!

We love you so much, Little Man. Thank you for being amazing little you!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mommy's Birthday

Today was my Mommy's Birthday. We had a wonderful day. Mommy wanted to go to Ivar's, where even though it was her birthday, I got a treat. . . my first french fry.


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I Like To Make a Splash

My new friends couldn't stay very long and I was sad to see them go. But I was soon very happy because Daddy took the week off of work, so we have been doing lots of fun stuff together.
Today, we went to Forest Park, where I got to go to a petting zoo. I got to meet some animals.

There is also a fun place called the Splash Pad at Forest Park. I wasn't quite sure what to think about all of the water, but Mommy stayed with me and I wasn't too scared.

I love having Daddy home to play with me!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Meeting the Warners

Mommy and Daddy have some very special friends that live in a far away place called San Francisco. Mommy talks on the phone with Stacia a lot, so I was really very excited to meet her and see what all of the fuss is about!

Wow, why did they wait so long to introduce me to my new friends! We had such a good time together and I wish they didn't live so far away.
Here are pictures of my friends' feets (aren't Mommies weird to take such silly pictures?).

In honor of their visit, Auntie Cheryl threw an impromptu playdate so that all of my friends could play together. Since Daddy wasn't working, he got to come, too!

And I got to get some kisses from Stacia. . . at last!

And gave her a big ol' WISS right back!