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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The "Kitty" Scan

Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to another doctor's office. This time it was for something called a "cat" scan. I looked very hard, but I did not see a kitty. I also did not see a clock, but I kept telling everyone that I did.

Mommy read me a story while we waited and then a lady came and called my name. Mommy stayed in the waiting room, but Daddy went with me. We went into this room with a big circle. Daddy said it was a clock, but I think he might have been wrong. Clocks do not look like this.

A strange lady came and took me from Daddy. I did not like that one bit. Mommy could hear me screaming all the way in the waiting room.

I have a new trick now, I just don't cry. I cry Mama! Or I cry Daddy! Usually this works, but today it didn't. I still was strapped down and put in this scary hole that made noise and had lights. Daddy did keep his hand on my chin, but I wanted him to hug me.

Daddy said that when I cried it wasn't too bad, but when I switched to a scared voice and just said, "Daddy, Daddy, please, please." It made him really sad. But it was just a quick test and then we came back out to Mommy in the waiting room. She gave me some milk and we went home.

We will have the results in a few days and then another doctor's appointment to hear what's going to happen with my adenoids.

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