Emma's Birthday

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I had a big day yesterday. Mommy took me to see a pediatric allergist so that they could find out why I am losing weight and always stuffy.

The allergist looked in all of my parts - she looked in all of Elmo's parts, too, because I wasn't too sure about the light she wanted to stick in my nose. She asked Mommy all sorts of questions and then she asked me questions, too, because she wanted to hear if my voice sounded nasally. I also got to eat a snack so she could see how I breathe when I eat (not well, the doctor noticed, which might be why I am not eating much lately).

After all of that, a different lady came in and took a marker and marked on my arms. I was starting to get a little suspicious. . . and it turns out I was right to be worried. She took these strange sticks and poked me! Fourteen times! Mommy just sat there and let her do it! I didn't cry, but I gave them both a look.

Then, Mommy and I got to play with more toys until the timer went off and the lady and doctor came back. They looked at my arms and. . . no allergies! Yay, we can keep the puppies and kitty! And I can keep eating my beloved cheese and milk!

The doctor told Mommy that she thinks I have problems with my adenoids. Daddy had problems with his, too, and it can be hereditary. So she sent Mommy and me down to the x-ray lab.

Things hadn't been too bad at this doctor's office until then, but that is when things got really scary. They strapped me into this chair while Mommy held me and then. . . Mommy went away. She left the room while this strange man held against this white board. And they took pictures while I screamed. No one seemed to care that I was very scared and screaming. I was not happy. Mommy came back (she was even crying a bit, proof that I was right to be scared about something) and took me off the chair and gave me a drink of juice and then the man gave me a sticker with a fish on it. I still had the hiccups from crying so hard, so Mommy and the man were very surprised when I said thank you for my sticker without even being asked. Mommy put it on my shirt and we finally got to go home.

I didn't really enjoy the x-ray part but I did like the fact that I got a sticker. And I am not allergic to anything. Although I have heard rumors that I have to go to another doctor to talk about my xrays. Mommy better not leave again. I did not like that.

Oh, and because I was such a good boy, I got to have cookies for dessert tonight. I like to lick the cream out of my cookies and dip them in milk. . . just like Daddy!

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