Emma's Birthday

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Katie 'Fesses Up - You Can Catch Up

Okay, confession time. I cheated a bit and updated the last month of Will's life in one day . . . but changed the dates so a long time from now, you will never know the difference (and I will even delete this post in a few days so there will be no record of my sneakiness).

To catch up:

Fun in the Sun

Sick Little Boy

Happy First Easter

Happy Birthday, Uncle Robert!

Eight Months

I Love Visitors

Time Gone By . . .

And of course, there is a new slide show for your viewing pleasure! Thank you for keeping up with our family. We love each one of you!

Michael, Katie, & Will

Monday, April 27, 2009

Time Gone By. . .

He never did make the toy spin (in the video, anyway, he got to be a champ at in in real life), but this video is still pretty cute. Where did that Little Man go?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Love Visitors

Grandma Jan and Auntie Lisa came to visit me today. We had such a great time!

I got to play with Auntie Lisa's ring. It is very pretty . . . and tasty!

I got lots of snuggles with two of my favorite people!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Eight Months

Dearest Will,

It is so hard for me to believe that it has been eight incredible months since you came into this world. Now, I know you are probably wondering why there hasn't been an entry since your last month's birthday, and I have to be honest, it is because you keep mommy so very busy! We have had a fun-filled, crazy month of fun, adventure, and sadly to say, even some sickness thrown in.

Daddy and I feel so spoiled by what a wonderful baby you are. You have such a cheerful disposition and sunny smile. Even when you were feeling so sick these past few weeks, you always were ready to smile and coo.

You have learned so much this past month. Probably the biggest achievement was learning to feed yourself finger foods. From Cheerios to waffles to noodles, you are loving finding new foods. You are especially fond of graham crackers. We have to keep buying the economy box of crackers because you go through them so quickly.

You have also learned to say your first word. . . Dadda! You will not say Mama, no matter how much I plead. In fact, a game that you find highly entertaining is when I entreat, "Say Mama, say Mama, say Mama!" You respond back, "Dadda!" and I say, "Noooooo! Mama!" You laugh and laugh! In addition to Dadda, you also babble a lot and love it when Daddy and I mimic your sounds.

You are not quite crawling. . . yet. But you scoot backwards and can get up on all fours, even if it's only for a few seconds. This has all just happened in the past week, so I am pretty sure you will be full on crawling soon. Now that you are getting more mobile, we never find you in the same spot in your crib in the morning that we put you down in at night. You also have a new preference for sleeping on your tummy, which makes mommy a tad nervous. We still put you down on your back, but usually you flip over to a more comfy position.

You love going places in the car and going to stores. You are a flirt, especially with women, and you bestow your smile on anyone who stops to chat with us. We have made many fun trips this past month, to the library, the bookstore, the pet store, restaurants, and more. We have such fun together and I love my little shopping buddy. I just have to make sure that I travel with some snacks, because sometimes you do get a little antsy, but a snack keeps you happy!

Little Monkey, I do not think there are enough words to fully describe all that you mean to your Daddy and me. Last night, after you had gone to bed, I was trying to describe my love to you to Daddy. There is just no way to really do so, only that my heart seems to have gotten bigger and so much more filled with happiness and love since you came to bless our lives. I hope you always know that no matter how many mistakes we might make, we try every day to be the best parents that we can be to you, the parents that a wonderful little boy like you deserves.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Robert!

My Uncle Robert turned 16 this weekend. To help him celebrate, Mommy, Daddy, the dogs, and I all went down to Vancouver.

We had a great time! First, Grandma Jane made a wonderful dinner. And I had my first bite of steak (don't worry, Grandma Jan, it was a verrry tiny piece of steak, hardly enough to call a bite)! Mommy didn't take a picture of my meal, because she was too busy stuffing her own face!

Then, Grandpa Bob built a huge fire. It turns out that I like fire. A lot.

And I love Grandpa Bob, so it was a good combination.

Uncle Robert opened his presents. Rocky helped him. . . or maybe he just wanted to eat the OREOS?

I got to spend time with my Uncle Doug and Aunt Amanda. They are a lot of fun and like to play with me!
I also got to play with one of Uncle Robert's trucks. Hmmmm. . . I like trucks, too!

What a fun weekend! I even had fun on the ride home. We had so much stuff to pack in the Jeep that Mommy got to ride in the back seat with me!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Robert!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy First Easter!

Today was Easter - my very first. I have learned very quickly that holidays mean that I get to see my favorite people - my family - and eat a lot of food.

The day started out with Mommy doing her usual holiday thing and putting me in an Easter outfit.

Then I got my very first Easter basket. Look, it's a monkey basket!

I think it's quite tasty!

Inside were bubbles, a new hat, and boats for the tubby! Jack helped me open it. He is a very helpful dog.

After I opened my basket, we went to Bellingham. Grandma Jan gave me a new bunny!

After that, we got down to business. . . Nana Evelyn fed me! Thanks, Nana!

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sick Little Boy

I am sick.

At least that's what they tell me. Mommy and Daddy are worried because I have my first really high temperature (104.6) and Tylenol won't bring it down.

But I don't really feel that bad, so don't worry about me! The doctor said it is just a virus and I get to drink lots of juice (and I usually don't get juice). Also, because I don't feel well at night, I get to sleep with Mommy! How bad can that be?

See. . . I am still smiling!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun In the Sun

So, something very strange came out this last weekend. . . It's yellow and round, it sits in the sky, and it makes everything warm. Mommy says it is called the SUN and not to get used to it because it isn't around very often. Aft first, I wasn't sure what to make of it. . . it's so very bright.

But after spending some time with it, I wish it would stay. We had such a great time while the sun was here. I got to go play at my friend Ava's house. Cody came to play, too, and we all got to use Ava's new pool and bubble machine that she got for her first birthday party.

I like bubbles.

I also like the pool. . . even if it is pink. It reminds me of the tubby, only with more toys and other kids to play with. Ava was nice and shared all of her toys with me and Cody.

I got to wear a bathing suit AND a hat for the very first time. I think I am pretty cute . . .

The next day, Mommy did something new. . . she made us a picnic lunch that we got to eat on the deck outside. I thought this was very fun.