Emma's Birthday

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fun In the Sun

So, something very strange came out this last weekend. . . It's yellow and round, it sits in the sky, and it makes everything warm. Mommy says it is called the SUN and not to get used to it because it isn't around very often. Aft first, I wasn't sure what to make of it. . . it's so very bright.

But after spending some time with it, I wish it would stay. We had such a great time while the sun was here. I got to go play at my friend Ava's house. Cody came to play, too, and we all got to use Ava's new pool and bubble machine that she got for her first birthday party.

I like bubbles.

I also like the pool. . . even if it is pink. It reminds me of the tubby, only with more toys and other kids to play with. Ava was nice and shared all of her toys with me and Cody.

I got to wear a bathing suit AND a hat for the very first time. I think I am pretty cute . . .

The next day, Mommy did something new. . . she made us a picnic lunch that we got to eat on the deck outside. I thought this was very fun.

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Amy said...

So cute! I like the bubble one the best!!! Mommy is right, enjoy the sun while you can b/c you are a northwest kid and the rain is really all you get used too!!! Kisses to my Will!!