Emma's Birthday

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Uncle Robert!

My Uncle Robert turned 16 this weekend. To help him celebrate, Mommy, Daddy, the dogs, and I all went down to Vancouver.

We had a great time! First, Grandma Jane made a wonderful dinner. And I had my first bite of steak (don't worry, Grandma Jan, it was a verrry tiny piece of steak, hardly enough to call a bite)! Mommy didn't take a picture of my meal, because she was too busy stuffing her own face!

Then, Grandpa Bob built a huge fire. It turns out that I like fire. A lot.

And I love Grandpa Bob, so it was a good combination.

Uncle Robert opened his presents. Rocky helped him. . . or maybe he just wanted to eat the OREOS?

I got to spend time with my Uncle Doug and Aunt Amanda. They are a lot of fun and like to play with me!
I also got to play with one of Uncle Robert's trucks. Hmmmm. . . I like trucks, too!

What a fun weekend! I even had fun on the ride home. We had so much stuff to pack in the Jeep that Mommy got to ride in the back seat with me!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Robert!

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