Emma's Birthday

Friday, March 20, 2009

Time Is Flying By

Dearest Will,

Happy Seven Month Birthday, Little Man! It is so hard for me to believe that you are getting so old. Today, I cleaned the 3 - 6 month clothes out of your closet and had to sniff back tears when I thought of you wearing some of those outfits. There was the "I'm Bananas for Mommy Shirt" from Auntie Amanda that you wore on your first Valentine's Day. There was the little striped set of pjs that you were wearing the first time that you sat up by yourself. There was the overalls that you wore the first time that we went to the park together. There were the monkey jammies that I loved so much I kept buying in each new size as you outgrew the old ones. . . and they don't make them in any bigger sizes. Yes, it brought tears to my eyes that you will never wear these little clothes again.

Then, I opened up a bin of the 12 - 18 month clothes and realized that we have so very much to look forward to. There was a pair of swim trunks for the first time we will take you swimming. There was a set of top and bottom flannel jammies, which will make you look like a little boy getting ready for bed. There was a set of overall shorts that will look so cute when we take you back to the park.

For all of the wonderful memories that we already have, I know there are so many more incredible ones to come. Watching you grow up is the greatest gift that we have been given and though I wish it would go by a little slower, I am so grateful for this amazing journey.

Love always,


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JanisRae said...

Yep, it is sad to see our little man grow up so fast and to say goodbye to the cute little infant clothes, but I am also loving the adorable things you are doing as you grow. What a smart, happy little boy you are. I love you so much. Grandma Jan