Emma's Birthday

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Teeth, Tastes, and Tubbies!

Hi, it's Will again! It's been awhile since I told you all of the new things I am learning and doing.

First off, I have some teeth! It is harder to take a picture of them than you might imagine, since Mommy has to put her finger in my mouth and I like to bite things that are put in there. It feels so good against my gums. . . So, she captured this picture of me using my bath toy as a phone. I put it up to my ear and "talk" like I see Mommy doing with her phone. You can see my teeth very clearly here.

I also am learning to feed myself. Banana and mango are my favorites so far, because Mommy puts them in the self-feeder and I get to make a huge mess. I also really like Baby Mum Mums and Zwieback toast. I go through a box a week!

I have also learned to drink water from my sippy cup. I think it's funny to pour the water out on my food tray and splash.

But I also like to get a drink from time to time. . .

The very best part about making a mess (well, other than making the mess itself, of course) . . .

. . . is the bath that I get to take afterward. I love my tubby time! Especially now that Mommy and Daddy got me this chair so I can sit up in the tub.

I even let Mommy pour water over my head and I don't cry!

I have been keeping my parents pretty busy, but they are loving every single minute of it!


Mike said...

I can't believe you are going to be 7 months old on Friday. You are growing up so fast. Though I want you to stay our little baby, there are so many things that I want to do with you when you are older. We have a lot to look forward with you.


Amy said...

Will! You grow boy! You are starting to look SO much like your mom.....pretty boy! I am glad you are doing so well, getting lots of teeth and smiling all the time! I hope your doc appt yesterday went well...I want your ears to feel better asap! Love you buddy!

Aunt Amy

JanisRae said...

Hey there little man.........wow, 7 months old tomorrow....just so hard to believe. You are so precious. What a joy it is to hold and cuddle you. Especially when you sleep and make all those little breathing sounds and sucking noises. (soooooo cute)
I love you so very much and as your daddy said, its sad to see you grow up so fast but its also exciting to see your personality change with every new day. Grandma Jan