Emma's Birthday

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

Dear Daddy,

Mommy told me that today is a day to recognize you for all of the wonderful things you do as my Daddy. I am so glad that you are my Daddy and that we get to spend all sorts of fun time together. I love it when you give me my night time bottle and read me stories. I love when you give me big hugs and play flying baby with me. I feel very lucky to have such a big, strong, amazing Daddy that works very hard for our family.

I love you, Daddy!



JanisRae said...

Wow !!! look at those two handsome guys in this photo. I can't believe our little sweetheart is 10months old now. What a joy you have brought to our lives Will. I love you so very much. Happy 1st Fathers Day Michael. You make me so so proud when I see you with Will. You're such a good daddy.
Mom and Grandma

Amy said...

Dude, that kid is freakin so cute! He looks so much like you it just trips me out! Happy first fathers day to Mike!! Love you guys!