Emma's Birthday

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Today, Mommy and I went to my nine month Well-Baby Checkup. I was not very excited to go, since I was taking a nice, long morning nap and Mommy came in and woke me up. She made me change from my nice, cool onesie to a "cute" outfit. Mommies are silly like that!

Once we got there, I decided it was kind of fun. They had a big tank of fish in the waiting room. Mommy let me look as long as I wanted. There was a blue fish, an orange fish, and two small yellow fish. There were also lots of bubbles in the tank, which I think was my favorite part. There was also a nice lady who waved and smiled at me. She was very nice.

Then, another nice lady called us back to another smaller room. She made Mommy take off all of my clothes, except my diaper. I got measured and am 29.5 inches tall - 80th percentile! Then I got all nakey and she put me in the scale. I thought this was very funny for some reason and started laughing and laughing. I held still just long enough for them to find out that I am 20 lbs., 11 oz., which is the 48th percentile.

I got to get my diaper back on and Dr. S came into the room. She listened to my heart and lungs, looked in my eyes, ears, nose, and throat, and took a peek in my diaper. Dr. S said everything looks perfect, but that it is not normal for a baby to snore so much at night or be congested for so long. She thinks my adenoids might be enlarged, which would make sense, since Daddy had the same problem. She wants me to not have any dairy again until I am one year old. I was very sad when she said this. Cheese and yogurt are two of my favorite things. If I am still snoring and have congestion in a month, we have to go back to the doctor and get some tests done. Hopefully, the dairy is the problem and I won't need anything else done.

Dr. S gave me a test after that. I had to look at her when she said my name, show her how I can get up on all fours, reach for a toy that she held out, and clap my hands. She made Mommy show her that I can stand up holing on to things and then she asked Mommy if I had any tricks. Mommy showed her "high five" and "give me a kiss." She also asked me to say "Dada," but I kept very quiet. I did give Mommy a couple of Wisses and showed that I could point to Mommy's nose and mouth. Dr. S said I was very smart.

After that, both Mommy and I braced for the worst: my shots. And you know what? I didn't have to have any! The nurse let me pick out a present, so I got a sticker to put on my shirt when Mommy dressed me back up.

That was it! I am glad that I am done with the doctor for awhile, but I am sad about no more dairy. I can't wait to turn a year now, not only so I can have cheese and yogurt again, but also so that I can have something called cake!

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