Emma's Birthday

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Can't Even Believe. . .

Dearest Will,

Welcome to the double digits, Little Monkey. You are ten months old today.

I simply cannot believe how much joy you have brought into our lives. There are no words to fully describe the happiness that you bring us each and every day.

You have learned so much this past month. First and foremost, we have had to make some changes around the house to accommodate your newest skill - crawling! You don't stay still for long anymore, and power cords and fans are the latest object of your desires. We had to baby proof all of the electrical outlets and are having to move everything else up off of the floor. You are this close to pulling yourself up on your own and you can pull into a sitting position all by yourself. We find you sitting up in your crib most mornings, reaching out to us, ready to start the day.

You still love to eat. You discovered noodles this month, as well as french toast, fresh blueberries, cantaloupe, chicken sticks, chicken salad sandwiches, and. . . your new favorite. . . french fries. You had your first fry on my birthday. And then your second, third, and fourth. You have also found out that soy yogurt and soy milk are good replacements for the real thing (you might even prefer the soy milk), but we are still looking for a tasty "cheese."

You are talking up a storm. Most of what you tell us is really hard to understand, but you do have a few words which are quite intelligible. In addition to "Dada", you also say "Quack", "Caw-Caw" (kind of like quack, but a different bird noise), and "Kitty" on a regular basis. You said "Jack!" a couple of times this month and also "Ava" once. "Mama" still eludes you but we'll keep trying.

You sprouted five top teeth these past two weeks, but even with swollen, red gums, you still are sleeping like a champ. You are going nearly 12 hours straight every night and still take two good naps during the day. Mommy and Daddy are so thankful for all of this sleep! You do like to get up pretty early and sometimes if you haven't had enough Daddy time, you will fight going to sleep at night, but it's still hard to complain.

You spent a whole weekend with Grandma Jan and Nana this month, too. Mommy had a harder time than you did with the separation! You ate and slept like a champ for your grandmas, too!

Every day, your Daddy and I just marvel at what a miracle you are. You are one of the smiliest, happiest babies we have ever known. People comment on your sunny disposition everywhere we go and we never tire of hearing how wonderful you are!

We love you so much, Little Man. Thank you for being amazing little you!


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