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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monkeying Around

Will was (what else, of course?!) a monkey for Halloween!

We had a wonderful time on the big day! We went to the mall for their indoor trick-or-treating (since it was pouring buckets outside). Will was quite intrigued.

"You mean, there's candy?"

"Look, Daddy, over there! More free candy!"

"Ava, which way should we go?"

"Stop making me pose for pictures and let's get this candy thing going!"

"Ah, finally. CANDY. Put it right here in my Elmo bucket, thankyouverymuch. "

Will even learned to say "Trick Or Treat" - though it sounded more like Tee oh Tee - oh, and he didn't learn it until the day after Halloween!

After trick or treating, we went out to dinner with Mike, Courtney, and Ava. We went to a BBQ restaurant and the kiddos really enjoyed their dinner - and by the amount of BBQ sauce on our face and hands, the moms and dads liked it, too.

But Will's favorite part of Halloween had to be answering the door for the trick or treaters at home. He would come running to answer the door and we let him hand out the candy. Here he comes!
He then wanted our new "friends" to come on in and explore his playroom. You could see the confusion on his face as he would walk out on the porch, wondering why our visitors weren't coming to stay and play.
I am pretty sure Halloween was a huge hit for our little Monkey! I do know that he slept great that night. He was tired after all the running and playing.

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