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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Tour '09

My mommy LOVES pumpkin patches. I love them, too. This year, I went to the patch THREE times.

The first time was with Mommy and Daddy. I got to see pumpkins and a really loud turkey.

I had my picture taken in front of this sign last year. . .

See how much I have grown?!?!

Next was a trip with Courtney and Ava. We saw more animals, which I was pretty excited about!

I quacked at the ducks!

Mommy tried to make me take a picture with the pumpkins. She can make me sit with them, but she cannot make me smile.

Finally, we went to a different patch with Cody and Cheryl. I got to wear my giraffe costume.

And see a goat.
And a plane!
I love pumpkin patches!

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