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Monday, December 22, 2008

First Snow!

This has been a very exciting week! My first snow came. . . and came. . . and came. . . and hasn't really stopped coming yet!

It has been very fun having my first snow. Mommy said that this might be the most snow that I ever see, and that I should at least get outside in it. Don't worry, Grandmas, she got me dressed up very warm to go outside.

She bundled me up in my Pooh Bear suit.

I was excited to get outside!

When we got outside, Mommy covered me in blankets. It's hard to see me in all of those blankets, but I am there, I promise!

See, there I am!

I really liked being outside. It very very pretty and I was very warm and toasty in my Pooh Suit and blanket nest. . . So warm and snuggly that I fell asleep about five minutes into the walk!

It was fun being outside and I am glad that we got out when we could, because the snow keeps falling and now it's too deep for even my jogging stroller!

Mommy, Daddy, the dogs, the cat, and I are all safe and snug inside our toasty house. We hope you are staying safe in this wintry weather!

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Aunt Amanda said...

I hope you enjoyed your first snow storm! The snow is beautiful, just like you. Love, Aunt Amanda