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Thursday, January 1, 2009

My First Christmas

Well, the holidays are over. I am kind of sad, but Mommy says not to worry, because they come every year. I am happy to hear about that, because I have decided that Christmas is a very wonderful thing!

First off, it means getting to spend extra time with Daddy, because he doesn't have to work on Christmas.
It also means getting to spend more time with my family. This year, we stayed at Grandma Jan and Nana Evelyn's house for the first time. Grandma was very happy to spend time with me.

Of course, I can't leave out that Christmas also seems to mean a lot of new toys. I got a bunch!

But I'd trade them all for more hugs from my Nana. . .

Mommy said that this Christmas was very special. First off, because it was a White Christmas, which doesn't happen very often. She took this picture to show me and te snow at the same time. I think it looks like I am showing off my muscles!

But she said that what really made this Christmas the most special is the fact that I am here. She said that I am the very best gift ever!

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Aunt Amanda said...

Merry First Christmas, my Little Boy! I love you very much, Aunt Amanda