Emma's Birthday

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adenoids OUT

Well, I survived my surgery. So did my mommy. To be honest, I think it was almost as hard on her as it was on me.

Mommy woke me up very early on the morning of the surgery. She put me in some soft, comfy jammies and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. But she wouldn't let me have any cocoa or even water. This was very confusing because I kept asking, even using my best pleeeeeeease, and she still wouldn't give me any.

Daddy was home from work and that was very nice. He gave me lots of hugs and kisses, too, and then we all go into the car. I noticed that Mommy put my suitcase in the car, too, and I wondered if maybe we were going to Gramma's house.

But instead we drove for a long time in the rain and lots of traffic and then parked our car in a dark building. Then we went to a big, while building. Then, we started going to all of these different desks and booths. I got a white bracelet - so did Pillow! Then, we sat in the waiting room. I wasn't scared at all!

After we waited for awhile, a lady came and called my name. We went into a smaller room with a nice lady called a nurse. I had to change out of my jammies into something called a gown. She asked Mommy and Daddy all sorts of questions. They took my blood pressure and temperature, just like they do when we go to the doctor for Mommy to hear Emma's "heartbeep."

Mommy and Daddy let me watch some t.v. while we waited. Some doctors came in to talk to us and then a lady with all blue clothes came in. She started talking about me "going to sleep" and Mommy asked if she or Daddy could come with me. I started to feel uncertain, but then she said that Daddy could come with me.

Daddy and I walked into a room that was very bright. They took a mask and waved it around, putting it on my knee and my elbow and then my face.

The next thing I knew, I woke up. And I was mad!!!! Mommy was trying to hug me and Daddy was trying to hug me, but I didn't want any hugs! My nose hurt! My throat hurt! I was scared. It was time to go home and they wouldn't let me. So I cried and screamed and threw myself around. I wouldn't let Daddy hold me and I wouldn't let Mommy hold me. I wouldn't even eat a popsicle or drink any juice - I'll show them! Then the nurse gave me some medication and it made me very tired. Then she said that we should walk around. I decided that might be okay, but I would only let Mommy carry me. We walked all through the hospital with the nurse and Daddy. Mommy patted my back and I felt better.

Then we went into THAT room, the room where it had all started, and I got mad again. So the nurse said it was time for us to go home. Mommy and Daddy put some comfy sweatpants and a t-shirt on me. We went outside to our car. I have never been so glad to see my carseat! I started smiling when Daddy strapped me in. Mommy rode in the backsesat with me and held my hand. I fell asleep right away.

When we got home, Mommy took me to her bed. Daddy had to go back to work, but Mommy and I got into bed and cuddled all day. She gave me more medicine that made me sleepy, so I took a lot of little naps. I also got to watch t.v.! This was very exciting as I usually don't get to do that.

The next day, Gramma came to visit me. She brought me all sorts of treats, including Lightening McQueen sunglasses and M&Ms!

Auntie Cheryl came to vist me and brought me a Choo-Choo cake. At first, I did not want to eat it, but then Mommy let me have some of the fruit on it and then I wanted to eat all of it!

Having surgery wasn't fun, but I did like all the snuggles, treats, and love. And now, let's just hope that I feel better.

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