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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Playtime With Cody!

As most of you know, poor Auntie Cheryl has a blood clot. This means that she has to go to the doctor every day to have injections to make the clot go away and blood draws to check on the progress.

This means that Cody has come to play at our house while she is at the doctor. Cody is very brave and doesn't cry at all when his Mommy leaves! I think that's because we have so much fun playing with my toys!

While Rocky watches with great interest.

And Cody also gets kisses from Jack - whether he wants them or not!

And Mommy feeds him special snacks!

Yummy, caramel apples!

I am very jealous!

I hope Auntie Cheryl feels better soon, but in the meantime, I love having Cody come play!

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