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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Time Is Flying By

Hi, it's Katie again, posting for Will!

It is so hard for me to believe that our Little Man is 12 weeks old already! This Thursday, November 20, will be his third month birthday! Time is flying by. We are trying so hard to enjoy every precious moment.

Will has been changing so much these past few weeks. He is developing his personality more and more each day. He is a smiley, happy boy for the most part, although heaven help the poor person that doesn't feed him fast enough when he is hungry (that person is usually me).

His favorite activity is still taking a bath - "tubby time" never fails to bring smiles and coos. A new favorite past time is reading together in his rocking chair. This is part of every nap routine and bedtime. Our favorite books include "The Belly Button Book," Baby Einstein "Mirror Me" (he loves seeing himself on each new page), and "I Love You This Much."

Will got a new toy last week. This mobile has been my lifesaver on crazy days when I just need a few minutes to grab a shower or grab a quick bite to eat. He loves watching the animals and listening to the rain forest sounds. His favorite is the monkey, and also the shiny leaves that open and close. It even has a remote so that I can turn it off or on without coming into the nursery. The very best part, however, is that I got it second hand on craigslist, so we didn't pay full price for it!

My favorite thing to do with Will to take a nap together. I love the quiet moments just hugging his little body close to mine. It is so relaxing to just watch his face as he sleeps, and see the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathes. I am so thankful for this miracle that we have been blessed with. The best part is that the dogs and cat usually end up curled up next to us and on weekends, Daddy will sometimes join us, too! Lucky we have a king sized bed!

His night sleeping continues to improve and we are regularly getting him to sleep for seven hours at a time. We got one eight hour stretch out of him last week! Too bad that I am now so accustomed to his 2 AM feed that I still wake up, even as he remains peacefully in dreamland! From what we are reading, he will continue the early morning feed until possibly nine months. I have a feeling this little guy might hold on to that feeding as long as he can - the boy loves to eat!

We have been having fun with the camera again, too! We went up to Auntie Cheryl's house last week and took some pictures to use for our holiday cards. Here are some sneak previews of the fun we had!

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Dave and Lynette said...

Hi There! It was so great to see you both today! Little Will couldn't be any cuter if he tried! We will have to keep in touch more often! They grow up too quickly! You name the time and place and we will be there! :)